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ZN-12M16, ZN-12M19, ZN-12M22, ZN-12M25

ZN-12M16 Single fire decorative nail gun for diameter 16 mm, upholstery nail gun, stud tacks gun


ZN-12M16 Decorative tack stud gun




decorative nail bronze thumbtack gun




decorative upholstery nail gun




tack stud pneumatic pin gun


Feature and Benefits:

  • catch one nail and shot one nail per time
  • need use nail fix table


  • Upholstery
  • Automotive trim
  • Bar & dining chair
  • chesterfield & reproduction furniture
  • Shoes
  • Picture frames
  • Light trim and moulding
Compatible Model:

  •  ZN-12M16
Nail specification
Crown (mm)Shank(mm) Thickness/widthLength (mm)
ZN-12M1616 mm9 – 19




Tool specification



Load Capacity




Driving Power


205 x 55 x 24510.96


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