Reliable and high-quality wire for your business.

An extremely reliable wire is technologically glued into tapes and is intended for use as industrial or office staples.
Steel: 0.06 to 0.50% carbon.
Tensile strength: from 800 to 1,400 N/mm2.
Coating: bright, galvanized, copper.

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ITEM No.Tensile StrengthWidth / Thickness / PcsCoatingPacking
1950-1050N/mm20.58*0.75*167GalvanizedWood wheel
2950-1050N/mm20.65*0.95*125GalvanizedWood wheel
3950-1050N/mm21.00*1.25*100GalvanizedWood wheel
4950-1050N/mm21.37*1.59*72GalvanizedWood wheel
5950-1050N/mm20.41*0.51*209GalvanizedWood wheel
6540-750N/mm20.58*0.75*167Cooper coatingWood wheel
7540-750N/mm20.58*0.75*167Cooper coatingwood wheel

quality production.

  • Bands wire surface: Electrogalvanized.
  • Flattening degree: The staple wire band can be made with any degree of flattening, technically possible to be done using wire of .0.70 -1.80 mm;
  • Bands' color:Translucent, golden (The color may be different as per customer request.)
  • The average weight of empty spool: 35kg.
  • Packing: The outside layer of band is protected by thin layer of removable plastic foam and adhesive tape.
  • Packing: The wire is packed on a wooden pallet.
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